Our treatments ​


Eco Friendly treatment :

It's an all natural mosquito control that repels them. It's less adhesive properties than our synthetic mist spray, It carries only a 14 day cycle. This spray does not eradicate the mosquitoes, it only repels them.


Synthetic Mist Spray :

Our strong backpack sprayer is designed to eliminate mosquitoes for 21 days. This barrier spray kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to foliage where it acts as a repellent. Within 1 hour of spraying your area is ready for FUN! And you, your family, friends, and pets are safe to have fun. 

Tired of battling mosquitoes around your home or your event? Being trained and licensed by the state of Georgia, we can help you enjoy the outdoors. We offer a variety of treatments that are affordable for your budget.  


We do not like changing your technician like other companies. You find a good one then he's gone. Then you get one that doesn't care about you. We only hire people-caring technicians. Ones that look out after you, your family, friends, and your pets.

We run on time, not 2 hours late or 2 hours early, We want to be there only when you want us there.

We do background checks through the Georgia Bureau of Investigators(G.B.I) because they check all 50 states, not just Georgia. Our technicians are professional, friendly, and caring people. 

Why choose us?

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