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We specialize in mosquito control because they are the deadliest insect & animal family in the world. We would like to help you keep your family safe and healthy. With our approach to this deadly insect we offer eco-friendly products as an option to you. Your concern is our care, we want to make you happy. That is our goal.

Our Service Plans

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Basic Plan 

Quarterly Pest Control covering Ants , Roaches, Silverfish ,Millipedes ,Centipedes ,Boxelders ,Wasp ,Spiders , Carpenter Bees, Carpenter Ants ,Lady Bugs, Mice and many more

$25 per month 

Standard Plan 

This would include our Quarterly Pest Control and a Termite Baiting system with your home having a warranty protection against these nasty insects .

There is a $199.00 installation fee not included 

$45 per month 

Advanced Plan 

Having our Quarterly Pest Control with a Mosquito Treatment that is effective around your home so you can enjoy the outdoors . Dont let Mosquitoes ruin your fun in the sun . Let us help you.

$52 per month 

Premium Plan 

This would include our outstanding Quarterly Pest Control, Spring to Fall Mosquito Control and Termite Baiting system with installation included. You can have this total premium package at a low monthly cost. Lets protect your home from unwanted bugs.

$70 per month 

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Enhanced Disinfecting

& Sanitizing Services

Our technicians are professionally trained to keep your home clean during this pandemic. We use enhanced disinfection practices on hard surface areas to destroy emerging pathogens.   

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